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Based on 166 reviews
This beautiful pizza oven arrived fast

Excellent customer service from sale to arrival from BBQ Generals. Getting around to unboxing the oven as soon as we have warmer weather. Will update with working reviewz

Very satisfied

Everything we needed was there

Everything you need

This has everything you need to start using your black stone. Love it. Best purchase ever.

I don't like being lied to

I ordered the Blackstone 3 burner griddle for my husband. After 5 days, it still hadn't shipped. I contacted customer service and they called my husband. They said Blackstone doesn't want them selling that griddle because it's Blackstone exclusive. If we didn't call and inquire, I'm not sure if they would've even let us know. BTW, they still have this griddle up on their website for sale. Not sure why they lied, but doesn't look good. We were offered a discounted rate for the 36" 4 burner and they would throw in seasoning for free. We changed the original delivery address and confirmed multiple times. Griddle gets shipped and goes to the wrong address. Luckily we were able to pick up the griddle and get it home. No seasoning. I will not order from here again. Only positive, the griddle works great!

Love this product and company

Amazing service and products. They provided outstanding customer service and were available even during the evening to provide guidance on installation and other products. Will be doing more business with this company.

The Stand

Nice quality. You need this if you plan on not buying their large stand. Wish it wasn’t $100, does seem a bit pricey, but you need it.

Pizza Oven for the Pizza Man

Great oven, I’ve had a large Ooni gas oven before, and this is an upgrade. Seems to be a bit larger inside, and the stone stays hot longer. Also since the flame is located one side it’s much easier to control the cook. Make sure to get the stand.

Blackstone 28 inch

Great griddle and cooking space

Great fast service from bbqgenerals! Will use them again in the future

Hot and Fast Pizza! This does it all!

Definitely worth it I recommend this pizza oven!

Worth it

High quality product that allows to cook high quality pizzas at your house.

Great Pizza Oven!

This oven is fantastic! Takes about 60-90 min to assemble, but nothing too complicated. I’ve only used it once but it worked great. Used the Blackstone recipe for the NY fast rising dough and made 3 pizzas. Had the temp right around 850 degrees and each one cooked in around 90-100 seconds. They weren’t very crispy, so I’ll need to play around with either hotter temp or slightly longer in the oven. Overall, great product (so far) !

5 star

Best grill I have ever owned. I would never own anything else

Great Purchase

Awesome griddle, lots of cooking space and cooks quickly!

Great Griddle. It heats up quick and cooks well

Awesome griddle

Love it! Took awhile to season and it is totally different than Grilling but getting used to it and absolutely love it! Great addition to my backyard kitchen!

Love my new Blackstone

I am extremely happy with my new Blackstone griddle. I highly recommend this product.

LOVE my new Griddle w/ Air Fryer!!

My husband and I are cooking on it almost every day!! Smash burgers, chicken fried rice, steak & chicken teppanyaki w/ veggies, pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon, fries, tater tots, etc.!! So fun to think of new things for breakfast & dinner and go try it out!! The clean up is so easy also, we've eliminated lots of pots and pans from our daily use.

Great product

I love this pizza oven it cooks great

Great Price and Griddle

Got a great price for the griddle and I use this everyday!

Great peel, excellent customer service

Order arrived within a reasonable time and communication was excellent. Will be buying from BBQ Generals again!

Gozney Arc XL

Extremely happy with my purchase. I am an avid pizza maker.


The inventory for Gozney pizza ovens was fantastic. The oven was reasonably priced. I also ordered the oven stand. The items were delivered prior to the stated delivery date. I’m very impressed with BBQ Generals.

Fantastic Product

After watching several videos on pizza making, I decided to give it a try, yielding two perfect pizza margaritas the first time. You definitely need to watch the pizza as they were done in about 60 seconds. It took an hour to come to 480C.

The product arrived in great shape due in large part to the well thought out packaging. I purchased the oven-stand separately. The assembly instructions were easy to follow, and it is likewise extremely well constructed.