Blackstone 4 Burner Griddle
Are you looking for the best griddle to make amazing barbecues? Look no further than Blackstone Griddles. Whether you’re an amateur backyard enthusiast or a professional pit master, Blackstone griddles are the perfect choice for all your outdoor cooking needs. Here’s why.


Durability and Versatility

Blackstone griddles are made of solid stainless-steel construction, making them both durable and reliable. This means that with proper maintenance and cleaning, your Blackstone griddle will last for years to come. They also boast a wide variety of cooking surfaces, from flat top grills to brick ovens and pizza makers – so you can whip up everything from burgers to pizzas on this one grill! Plus, their portable designs make it easy to take your griddle with you wherever you go – whether it’s camping trips or tailgates.


Heat Distribution and Control

Another great advantage of Blackstone griddles is their even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. This ensures that every single item you cook is cooked thoroughly and evenly – no more worrying about cold spots or unevenly cooked food! Additionally, their temperature control knobs let you adjust the heat quickly and easily so that you can get just the right level of heat for different types of foods.                                                                                                                                                

Ease of Use and Clean-Up

When it comes to ease of use, Blackstone griddles have been designed with the user in mind. Their intuitive design makes them incredibly easy to use even if you’ve never grilled before! Plus, they come with removable grease trays that make clean-up a breeze – simply remove the tray after each use and wipe down your grill before storing it away until next time.


Varying sizes of griddles offer versatility in cooking.

The Blackstone 17" griddle is a compact and highly capable outdoor cooking solution. Despite its small size, it delivers strong performance, running on either a one-pound propane tank or connecting to a larger tank with an adaptor hose. Its size makes it ideal for use on smaller outdoor spaces like balconies and patios, and its lightweight and portable design make it a popular choice for camping and those who value versatility in their grilling experience.


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The Blackstone 22" griddle is a step up in size from the 17" model, offering an additional 362 square inches of cooking surface. This extra space comes with a second burner, allowing you to cook and keep your food at the ideal temperature before serving. The 22" griddle can be fueled by smaller one-pound propane tanks or connected to a larger tank for extended cooking sessions with its 24,000 BTU burners. Despite its larger size, the 22" griddle is still portable, making it a convenient option for outdoor cooking on-the-go. There are various configurations available, including models with a stand and side shelf, a hardcover, or no cover at all, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


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The Blackstone 28” Griddle is a powerful and versatile option for outdoor cooking. With a larger cooking surface and 34,000 BTUs from two burners, it has ample capacity to cook for a crowd. The griddle is also easily portable, thanks to its four independent caster wheels, making it suitable for both permanent outdoor cooking setups and on-the-go use. Some models come with additional accessories like an attached hardcover, air frying system, side shelving, side burners, storage cabinets, and hooks and magnets for quick access to cooking tools. The griddle also sits at a comfortable height that resembles a stovetop for ease of use.


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The Blackstone 36” griddle is the largest in the fleet and the original gas-powered outdoor griddle. It provides the most cooking space with 60,000 BTUs from four separate burners and is the most technologically advanced with many convenient features. Some models come with built-in storage for paper towels, seasonings, and cooking tools, while others feature a cutting board, garbage bag holder, air fryer and warming drawer, offering unlimited cooking options.


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Blackstone Griddles are undoubtedly one of the best choices when it comes to outdoor cooking appliances. Their solid stainless-steel construction makes them both durable and reliable while their versatile range of cooking surfaces allows you to prepare anything from burgers to pizzas on one easy-to-use device! Finally, their even heat distribution and temperature control knobs enable perfect results every time while their removable grease trays make clean-up a cinch! So why settle for anything less than the best? Get yourself a Blackstone Griddle today!